Jeff Marples

- Broker Associate -

Jeff Marples


If you are like me, you are a real person trying to get things accomplished in a busy life. Let’s cut to the chase, if you are looking for advice from an experienced real estate broker / adviser who will give you the straight scoop with no B.S., learn how to effectively move in or move out of real estate, and get things done as promised, then congratulations as you just found a very reliable source. 

My Mission Statement:

My mission is to make dreams come true through hard work, innovative marketing and personal care to my clients. I believe clients deserve better – better attention, better service and better results. Simply put, I aim to provide a high level of personal service and in-depth knowledge, along with powerful marketing tools, to achieve success and exceed client expectations. 

I accomplish this by following a few fundamental principles: to begin, I listen to my clients, I want to hear their story and situation, to understand their pain points, to set clear goals and create an action plan to move forward. 

Put another way, I take the fundamental philosophy of client first, serve them with honesty, integrity and to the best of my / our ability. Clients put an amazing amount of trust in our hands, so we want to make sure that that trust is never broken and goals are achieved, that is my mission. 

My Promise to Clients:

• I will be on time.

• I will be brutally honest, if that is okay?

• I will do what I say I am going to do.

• I will keep you informed to the best of my ability.

• I will always hold your best interest first, no matter what. 

Things I do for my clients:

• Consult with them

• Negotiate for them

• Handle all the details 

Bottom line, I am going to get the job done for you and I am not going to let you down. Message, text or call me at 415.336.9695 to discuss your unique situation, what you want to accomplish and lets create a road map to achieve your goals.


[email protected]


Mobile: 415-336-9695
BRE: #01329244

  • Gabrielle B.

    Jeffrey offered very comprehensive, detailed, personalized attentive services that made the process unique and unlike the usual approach that is generally out there, so it was a very interesting, educational and almost a relaxing experience, compared to how it usually is. I liked how Jeffrey was on top of everything that needed to be done, needed to be checked into, and was able to get back right away with the information that was needed. He really gave individualized attention and moved the process along in an easy to deal with format for us. We have recommended him to others already.

  • Lisa R. - Marin

    I have been their client and worked with them for one transaction and found them to be very personable and always available. Availability is very important. Even after my transaction was completed, I called them with some questions I had and they were very available at any time to help me. They were very helpful, so I really liked that. I like that they are willing to make themselves available at any time and have been very helpful.

  • Zara S.

    Jeffrey was the only person we met. He was very helpful, friendly, nice, and thorough. I liked that Jeffrey was able to take us around and show us the different properties and was able to educate us on the market in San Francisco. It takes an insider who knows the market well and Jeffrey was able to help us find our condominium.

  • Ming C.

    They are responsive, genuine, and trustworthy. I worked with Jeff on many deals. I like the ease of working with him.

  • Eric B.

    Jeff was just responsive and helpful. When we had questions, he answered them for us, or when we needed him to do something for us, he got it done quickly.

  • Danijela S.

    Jeffrey is very focused and straightforward. He works very hard and is attentive to detail. He is very proactive and goes above and beyond to provide everything the buyer needs to be aware of and should be educated about. He knows what is needed and makes certain everything is done correctly and completely. I like his no-nonsense practical and thorough approach. Nothing is done half baked. I know I can rely on him.

  • David G.

    Jeffrey is incredibly responsible, with good follow-through on all the details, all the issues. I know the matter is in response, capable hands. I like that they have the market knowledge and the experience that is needed for this kind of market, in order to do well in it for their client's interests and needs.

  • Ajit S.

    They are very knowledgeable, professional, and customer-centric. They are very good and extremely helpful. I like that Jeffrey Marples knows the market better than anyone.

  • Sanjay G.

    I would tell others to use them. They are professional, honest, reliable, and fair. I liked their good customer service and how well they listened to me and then followed through.

  • George G.

    They are very honest and decent in their dealings with their clients. I felt I could trust and rely on what I was being told by them. I felt very comfortable and that I was not being given any B.S. I liked their personalized attention and their forthright demeanor compared to what I usually am exposed to by other companies that just offer a lot of B.S. and not truthfulness.

  • Marshal C.

    They definitely know what they are doing and they help quite a bit, especially when it comes to getting all the paperwork in order. They made it as painless as possible. This was the first time I had looked for a house, so I didn't know what to expect. I had an image of Realtor trying to sell all the points. It wasn't like that at all. He came with us and voiced his concerns, which was great. It didn't feel as if he was selling something. I appreciated that it was not a sales pitch, but that he was more of a supporter for us. I was very happy.

  • Titus C.

    They have a lot of knowledge about the local market. I think the agent we worked with, Jeff, went above and beyond what we expected. He gave us a lot of valuable input when we were deciding on a property.

  • Neela M.

    Jeff was extremely helpful. Jeff was very friendly and he gave us a lot of good advice. He never pushed any property on us and gave us the pros and cons of all the properties we saw. We were very comfortable with him.

  • Adolfo L.

    They understand you very well. They are aligned with what the customer needs and they are very responsive. They're knowledgeable and smart. They understand exactly what you need. Basically, you talk with the guy for half an hour or one hour, and he already knows exactly what you need and he comes back to you with exactly what you want.

  • Ravi C.

    They're very knowledgeable in the high-rise areas of San Francisco. He certainly seems to know his high-rises. I thought they listened very carefully to our requirements and they didn't try and put us into areas that clearly would not have met our needs. They follow up well and they have a good website.

  • Nitin D.

    They are professional, responsive, and because they understood exactly what I wanted, they were able to find the absolute perfect place for me. I've been very happy living here. I liked that they truly understood what I really wanted and needed and they found the perfect place for me. I am very happy living in what they located. Everything has turned out just perfect.

  • Thomas N.

    Our children have used their services and liked them so this is how we got to know them too. It has worked out very well for us. We highly recommend them. We liked how Jeffrey was willing to meet us here, on the Peninsula and at strange hours due to my husband's schedule. We liked how available and flexible Jeffrey was to work around our crazy schedule and logistics.

  • Emily J. – Marin

    Jeffrey is very knowledgeable about real estate in Marin. He is not pushy but really wants you to find you a place you like and then he will try to get you a reasonable price and give you an assessment of what prices are fair in making an assessment of the property and the market the property is in. I like how helpful and resourceful he is and how they are able to give great personal assistance to people wishing to find good values in San Francisco.

  • Joseph P.

    They're very creative and professional. It was easy to deal with my Realtor. He was very friendly. I liked the service a lot.

  • Tim M.

    They really genuinely care about their clients. Jeff was hands-on all the way. He walked us through the whole process and made sure we were happy with our investment. I liked Jeff's personality and the fact that he made us feel he was on top of the situation. We never had any moments where we questioned whether he knew what he was doing. He was really professional. He was perfect.

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